The Lyrics, Meaning, And Composition Of Alanis Morissette’s Song “Unsent” (alanis morissette unsent lyrics)

The Lyrics, Meaning, And Composition Of Alanis Morissette’s Song “Unsent”

In her song “Unsent,” Alanis Morissette bares her soul and gives us a glimpse into her innermost thoughts and feelings. The lyrics are poignant and relatable, the meaning is deep and thought-provoking, and the composition is nothing short of perfection. It’s no wonder this song is one of her most popular and enduring hits.


What are the lyrics to Alanis Morissette’s song “Unsent”

It’s been ten days since we last spoke
I think by now you’ve had enough time to figure out
That I’m not going anywhere
So you can say what you need to say

I’ve been waiting for you
To say what you need to say
I’m ready to listen
To whatever it is you feel you need to say

It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad
I just want to know where we stand
So go ahead and tell me everything you’ve been wanting to say

These are the lyrics to Alanis Morissette’s song “Unsent.” The song is about a person who is waiting for someone else to speak their mind. They are ready to listen, no matter what the other person has to say. The lyrics express the hope that, by communicating openly, the two people can move forward in their relationship.

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Who wrote the lyrics to “Unsent”

The lyrics to “Unsent” were written by Alanis Morissette. The song is about the feeling of regret that comes with not being able to say goodbye to someone before they die. The lyrics are incredibly powerful and moving, and they perfectly capture the emotion of the situation.


What is the meaning behind the lyrics of “Unsent”

The lyrics of “Unsent” are about a person who is regretsful about a past relationship. They are reflecting on what went wrong and how they could have fixed it. The song is about trying to move on from that relationship, but struggling to do so.

The first verse starts with the person regretting not being able to fix things before the relationship ended. They were too proud to admit they were wrong and now they are left with all of the blame. The chorus reflects on how the person is trying to move on, but they can’t seem to forget about the past. They are still hung up on what went wrong and how things could have been different.

The second verse goes back to reflecting on the past relationship. The person remembers all of the good times and how they felt when they were together. Even though things ended badly, they can’t help but think about what could have been. The chorus once again reflects on how the person is trying to move on, but struggling to do so.

Overall, the song is about regrets, reflection, and struggling to let go. It’s a sad song that many people can relate to.

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Who composed the music for “Unsent”

The music for “Unsent” was composed by Alanis Morissette.


Where can I find a copy of the sheet music for “Unsent”

If you are looking for a copy of the sheet music for “Unsent,” you may be able to find it at your local music store, online, or through a music library. If you have trouble finding the sheet music, you can also contact the composer or publisher directly.


How do I play the chords for “Unsent” on the piano

To play the chords for “Unsent” on the piano, you will need to first identify the key of the song. The key of the song is C major. To find the chords in the key of C major, you will need to look at a piano chord chart. A piano chord chart can be found online or in a music theory book. Once you have found the chord chart, locate the C major chord. The C major chord is made up of the notes C, E, and G. To play this chord on the piano, you would press down on the keys C, E, and G simultaneously. Repeat this process for each chord in the song.


What key is “Unsent” in

The key to “Unsent” is in the fact that it is unsent. The sender never had the chance to send it, so the receiver will never know what was in the message. This makes it the perfect way to say something that you can’t say in person, or to someone who you don’t want to hear from again. It’s a way to have the last word, without actually having to say anything at all.

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How many verses are there in “Unsent”

There are a total of fifteen verses in “Unsent”. The poem is divided into three stanzas, each containing five verses. The first stanza details the speaker’s regretful thoughts about a past relationship. The second stanza reflects on the what-ifs of the situation, and the third stanza ends on a note of acceptance.


What is the meter of “Unsent”

The meter of “Unsent” is quite simple: it is composed of six syllables per line, arranged in iambic pentameter. This means that each line contains five iambic feet, each consisting of one unstressed syllable followed by one stressed syllable. The title itself suggests the poem’s meter, as the word “unsent” can be divided into two iambic feet: “un”/”sent.”


What tempo is “Unsent” played at

The song “Unsent” is played at a moderate tempo. This means that the beat is not too fast or too slow, making it perfect for dancing or singing along to. The moderate tempo also makes the song feel more relaxed, which may be why it is often used as background music.