The Unsent Messages (the unsent messages)

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of sending a text message and then regretting it almost immediately. Whether it’s because we were angry, said something we didn’t mean, or simply regretted not saying something, we’ve all been there. The good news is that there’s now a solution for this: unsent messages.

With unsent messages, you can write out your thoughts and feelings, hit the send button, and then have a set amount of time to change your mind before the message is actually sent. This way, you can avoid those awkward moments, hurt feelings, and regretted words. So next time you’re about to send that message, think twice and consider using unsent messages instead.

The Unsent Message To Gabriel (unsent message to gabriel)

It was early morning, the sun just peeking over the horizon, when I decided to send Gabriel a message. I had been thinking about him lately, wondering how he was doing. I knew he was going through a tough time and I wanted to reach out to him, to let him know that I was thinking of him. But I never sent the message. I’m not sure why. Maybe I was afraid of what he would say, or what he would think. Maybe I was afraid of rejection. Or maybe, deep down, I was afraid of getting hurt again.

The Unsent Project Archive (the unsent project archive)

Dear Archive,

I am writing to you because I need your help. I have been carrying around a secret for years, a secret that I have never told anyone. It’s time for me to finally tell someone, and I hope that you can help me.

I am a part of the unsent project.

I know that this may sound crazy, but bear with me. The unsent project is a group of people who have never sent a letter. We believe that letters are a lost art, and that by not sending them, we are keeping them alive.

We have never told anyone about this project, for fear of judgement. But I think it’s time for us to come out of the shadows and share our story. Will you help us?